Why Russian Women Are the Best for Dating and Marriage

Looking for a woman who values her family most of all, loves her husband unconditionally, and wants to start a family? Russian girls possess all those features. The following list of their merits will help you gain insight into Russian women’s nature and get added evidence that they are the right women to date and tie the knot with.

Russian bride

  • Good looks

The first thing that strikes the eye of a foreigner in Russia is the beauty of local women. Most of them think that they just have to look great 24/7. Due to that belief, they dress up even when they simply go to the nearest supermarket to buy some bread. They wear high heels on a daily basis since they are inclined to think that the heels make a woman look more feminine. There is another reason for caring so much about their appearance: many of them think that first impressions are most lasting and Russian women want to be engraved on men’s memory. Actually, they follow Chekhov’s statement that people should be equally beautiful in the way they look, dress, think, and feel. Slavic women want to be attractive and turn the men’s heads. They are wise enough to use their looks as an attention grabber since men usually notice the appearance and only then get to know a woman as a personality. If you want a beautiful woman by your side, you need to pay attention to your clothes and appearance too so that people won’t wonder how come such a sloppy guy won the heart of such a beauty.

  • Loyalty

Talking about Russians, many foreigners mention the mysterious Russian soul. In one of its senses, it can be interpreted as their ability to dote upon their loved ones. It applies mostly to women. When a Russian woman really loves a man, she loves him self-forgetfully and is ready for self-sacrifice. Russian women are loyal friends who will always be by your side and find the right words of support or give a well-timed piece of advice when you’re getting through the tough times. Like a satellite, they will go where their men go because they made a vow to be together through thick and thin and they are going to keep their word. The history saw a real act of courage of Russian women whose spouses were banished into exile after the anti-tsar revolt. The emperor allowed them to divorce their husbands but the overwhelming majority of women didn’t do that. On the contrary, noblewomen gave up their titles, left their children with some of their relatives, and went together with their men into exile.

  • Independence

Feminine and weak as they may seem from outside, Russian women are strong personalities who can keep things under their total control and be decisive if the situation requires their immediate actions. Most of the contemporary Russian girls want to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. For this, they build successful careers and don’t wait for someone to come into their life and change it for the better. The attitude that they are the architects of their own fortune is getting more and more popular among women. Apart from being tender and loving in a relationship, be ready that your Russian lady will show her character and will require respect for her and her opinion. In critical situations, Russian women sometimes will act like a man so you can be sure that you’ll get a reliable partner who’ll support you in overcoming current troubles.

  • The priority of family

Russian girls see their main calling in life in being a wife and mother. Due to this, many girls are ready for marriage in their early 20s. In Western Europe and America, the situation with women’s attitude to the family is quite different. On their scale of priorities, the family doesn’t appear in the top-3 while for Russian girls it heads the list. This difference in the attitudes towards the family can be explained by the cultural aspect. Traditionally, Russian families are very close-knit. Parents always take a good care of their children even when they are no longer kids but already adult people. The younger generations, on their part, respect the older generations of their family and care for their parents and grandparents when those are in their advanced years. Being brought up in the cultural environment like this, Russian girls want their future families to be similar to their own ones. In Russian families, women are expected to create comfort in their homes while men are considered to be the breadwinners, the providers. Following this pattern, many contemporary women decide in favor of their family rather than their career, especially when it comes to having children. A woman is, first of all, a future mother and Russian girls understand it very well. Thus, if you want a perfect mother for you future children, you should definitely marry a Russian girl.