Which Color Your Lady Wears?

There is such a notion as – Color Language. Each color means something, and with the help of it you can “read” the mood and intentions of your lady. To tell the secret, a lady will never put just anything she finds in a wardrobe – she always chooses her dress carefully. So, which color she wears today?

Red is passionate, red is burning fire. Only brave woman can come on a date in read, because she knows that this color will light up your desire to her. In addition, this color doesn’t fit everyone, so should be worn carefully, as it can attract not only yours attention (don’t let your woman go back home after a date alone if she wears something red, and it is dark outside).

Pink is feminine and tender color. It says: “I want your affection and cuddles! Hug me!” And you surely should do this!

If your lady came in something blue, she wants a calm date. Maybe her mood is not very cheerful this day, and it is the sign to make her laugh as much as possible and bring up her feelings!

Yellow is cheerful and happy color. If you see your lady is a yellow t-shirt – be sure, she is up to something very funny, and this date will be very active and interesting.

Black. Not every lady will dare to put on black on the date. But what about a little black dress? Classics! Ladies in it look sexy and elegant, so strict and serious that you can’t guess which devils are hiding in her pretty little head, but believe – they already have plans for you!