How to Keep a Long-distance Love: Communication

The most important and in the same time difficult thing in relationships on distance is to remain a part of life of each other. Letters, chat, live video chat, phone – fortunately now you have many variants to be constantly together virtually. Tell her about your daily life, news, hobbies, friends, joys, anxieties and so on and ask her about hers. As well you can go to the cinema and watch the same movie. Then laugh together and discuss the most interesting moments. Do the same with books, interesting articles etc.


You can arrange a meeting via Skype: light the candles around a laptop, beautifully dressed and talking to each other warm and affectionate words. Or keep a joint blog on the internet and write there all the important events of your life, your feelings and experiences. Important condition – only two of you need to know about this blog; make it your little secret. And, you can create your own rituals of communication : whether it daily bedtime stories or love letters every morning – depends only on your imagination and desire once again to please his lover and become  closer to him!


Many people underestimate this daily interaction, exchange of information on routine days, but in the end, when they meet after a while – feel like strangers. Communicate as often as possible!

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