How to Impress a Lady on the First Date.

First date – the most thrilling moment. If you succeed and start relations due to this day, your lady will happily remember each moment spent with you, but if not… well, nothing bad will happen, but you will waste yours and lady’s time. So, if you are really interested in the single woman you are going to meet and want to impress her positively, you should do the following:

  • Bring her something. Not obligatory flowers. Everyone brings flowers on the first date, and this is too typical. Think out of the box!
  • You may prepare a gift for your lady. Don’t make it too expensive – remember, this is your first date, and you need to impress your lady, not to make her feel uncomfortable. You may even bring her something made with her own hands. Homemade cookies?
  • Think in advance where you will go. It is also better to tell your lady (in general, not naming the certain place or occupation) if you plan to have a walk, for example, because women tend to dress up and put on high heels on the first date to look gorgeous, and believe me, it is really hard to walk for a few hours on the high heels.
  • Finally, ladies are impressed when you just act as you always do. Be yourself. Don’t try to make her think that you are a hero, and don’t show obviously that you want to impress her. Ladies do feel such moments, and they don’t like artificial behavior.

Be yourself, and good luck on the first date!