Do You Understand Women Well?

Mel Gibson in one movie had an opportunity to listen to ladies’ thoughts, and this turned to be rather extreme experience)) You don’t need to be struck by a lightening to understand a woman, because lady Helena will reveal you some small secrets which will open you women’s mind!

Ladies have such a weird habit – to keep silent when they are abused. Just remember that if your lady suddenly became silent, something bad is going to happen. The best way to prevent a storm is to through a chocolate into it. Joking 🙂 Better tell your lady that you might be wrong, and if you have abused her, you, unfortunately, didn’t understand what you have done, and you are ready to listen to her. She will melt and tell her what was wrong.

Another “bad” habit is rejecting everything. For example, you can see that your lady is sad, but when you ask what is wrong, she says “Nothing.” Yes, this means that lady’s mood is bad, but she not always is ready to talk about her feelings and problems. What can you do here? No, chocolate is also a nice idea, as it raises mood, but better hug her tight – and she will feel better.

Some ladies are uncertain in themselves and may ask you weird questions like “Am I too plump?” and something like that. You may not guess what to answer (as even if you say that she is slim, she may answer that you are wrong – and become angry for lying), so simply tell her that you love her with all your heart and that she is the best that has happened with you in your life!