Age difference only encourages Russian girls.

Foreigners are always interested – why Russian girls are so much interested in men who are really older than they are. Sometimes, 20-year-old girl can show an interest to somebody who is 60! I can easily explain you this phenomenon.

The reason is deeply hidden in the family values of such women seeking men. In Slavic couples, a man is always the head and the pillar for everyone. And thus, when a girl grows up, she has such an example – a self-confident man who is older than she. He can solve all her problems, he can give her wise piece of advice, he can save her – he can everything! So, subconsciously, in future a lady will look for someone reminding her father.

Of course, at first a lady will pay her attention to her coevals, but very soon she will understand that they are not mature enough for her. Unfortunately, in Slavic countries, difference in age isn’t accepted that easily like in, for example, Europe. In addition, due to bad conditions, men live much less here, so a lady doesn’t have a single chance to find a mature man and build happy family with him.

Appearance can be great, but nothing excites more than attractive mind! And thus she turns her attention to some dating agency, as only there she has an opportunity to find her ideal perfect couple and prove that age doesn’t matter for her!