One More Reason To Choose RomanceCompass

As you already know doesn’t have open on-line registration and we collaborate only with marriage agencies. Why it’s better?

Each bride, who comes to marriage agency, first of all has a conversation with director of agency during which  she tells her goals of searching a husband in the Internet and designate her preferences – what kind of men she is looking for, his age, hobbies etc. Director of marriage agency gives her all needed information about on-line dating in general, rules and policy of dating sites, answers all question and gives advices. Then the bride fills a form where she  states full reliable personal data, English level and gives all needed documents for forthcoming check.

After careful check by RomanceCompass‘ team marriage agency’s manager calls the girl and fixes the day, time and place for photography. Also girl gets a recomendations about clothes, hairstyle, make-up, etc. In the day of photoshoot we provide her a service of professional visagist. When photos are ready we create profile.

Very important that during all the time which the girl is in marriage agency she has opportunity to get professional consultation of psychologist, service of translator,free photoshoots.

We take care of all our customers. Exellent reputation and gratefulness of couples who found each other on our dating site prove that we work not for vain!